We've been providing the highest quality veterinary care for Alaskans since 1985. Our five doctors perform complete and comprehensive surgical, medical and dental care, as well as acupuncture and alternative medicine. We tend to the needs of dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets. We also provide grooming and we stock an array of pet supplies.


SuppliesOur experienced doctors can provide your pets with a variety of services. From the first checkup and vaccines, to spaying or neutering and continuing into adulthood and senior years, our staff is able to give your pets the best in veterinary care.


We also provide specialized services such as orthopedic surgeries, chemotherapy and assistance in managing long-term problems such as diabetes. With our in-hospital lab, radiography and ultrasound capabilities, our doctors are able to quickly have the information needed to best treat your pets.


For client's wishing to try an alternative approach to pet care, Dr. Todd Palmatier performs acupuncture and chiropractic care for your pets, along with homeopathic remedies. If you are interested in learning more about this aspect of pet care, please set up a consultation appointment.


Grooming services for cats and dogs are available Monday through Saturday. Please call to make an appointment and for prices.


High quality pet food from Science Diet, Eukanuba and Iams is available at The Pet Stop. We also have a variety of treats and toys, just the thing for rewarding your pet after its visit to the doctor.


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